The Journey’s Already Begun

Not so long ago, my husband and I, both fans of eating whole, simple foods from healthy plants and animals, decided it would be good to buy a bit of land with a house on it to raise some of those plants and animals.  To be sure we haven’t got the animals yet, but people don’t tend to sell them until spring and it is still the winter months until round about April or so.  As for the plants, we’ll grab some to plant after we get the animals because it is easier to keep the animals out once you see where they are most interested in cavorting beyond their allotted ranging area.

In the meantime, as the one who is home all day, I try to keep up with local, regional and national food and farming issues when I’m not wrangling a couple of great children and managing our little household.  This little blog is meant to chronicle our journey as we acquire livestock and plants and learn to live off our household’s production of meat, milk, produce and other goods.  Along the way I will certainly describe some of the numerous issues that affect America’s food supply, policy and production on local, regional and national levels, though with a special focus on what the deal is here in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.

We’ll see how the road winds.



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