Credentialism will not save our food system

The rise of credentialism has had many depressive effects on economic development, social norms and family formation.  However, instead of recognizing the problems with credentializing everything, all too many folks are doubling down and working to drag credentials into even more places they shouldn’t be.  Like institutional food prep and composting.

Do we who care about sustainability really want to financially support a system where people have to go to community college to be taught composting and kosher fishstick preparation?  I love how the article wraps up with a halfhearted lunge at sensibleness by mentioning that you could do this sort of thing without thousands of dollars of government grants and educational loans, but then you know, you won’t be “upgrayeddin ur skillz”.

This is absurd.  It’s not like we haven’t overprofessionalized other entire sectors of society, like, I dunno, health care with its myriads of paper-pushing, credentialed employees who are not doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, health aides or medical assistants.  Or education.  Or, or maybe we could stop obsessing about how to make everything into an excuse to promote college for all and just focus on getting people out there without the puffery of needing to shell out for a credential.  We don’t all need to go to college to gain middle class incomes and lifestyles if we stop playing this silly game.


2 thoughts on “Credentialism will not save our food system

  1. I mean, I personally believe that college should be something that everyone experience, but I know that it isn’t possible. For most college students, living at school gets you away from your parents, and teaches you how to take care of yourself. But, I agree with what you are saying. It’s stupid that we are require degrees in jobs that should be entry-level. It’s really is a drain on society.

  2. Even among medical professions that you mention there have been increasing years and more lofty degrees added to standards for certifications. Pharmacists now get doctoral degrees. More and more nursing professionals and physical therapists etc. are getting doctorates. Is the additional education improving their skills more than working in the profession and good continuing education?

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