Post a Pic Tuesday– Gearing up for Gardening

Since we got this place, we’ve got a ton of work to do getting it ready for homesteading.  It came set up for horses, as is common around these parts (in Snohomish County, having horses is considered farming, heh).  It also came with fabulous landscaping that we are going to rip up and replace with vegetables and fruit trees and maybe even berries one of these decades.

These are just a couple snapshots of what we’re in for, in a small way.


This is part of a sprinkler system we have to dig out and relocate somewhere else on the property.  It’s plastic.  I don’t know if that is fancy in sprinkler-haver circles.

Below is our glorious wood chip pile.  It is the remains of a leaning tower of fir tree I was convinced would tumble onto our roof, even though my husband assured me that was silly talk.  But I was paranoid due to the angle of the lean, and just wanted it gone as quickly as possible.  Blessedly, tree guys are readily available and we found a good one just minutes away to do the job.


Incidentally, this is where the garden will go.  Yeah, a lot of shovel time will be booked to get this ready, but we have a good 6-8 weeks to go.  I look forward to shovelling more than polemic.


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