Gardening Update

No pictures right now, but I have dug out most of the old sprinkler system despite a bout of seasonal poor health.  Lack of sleep due to nursing a frequent-feeding infant has made it difficult to recover, though the worst of it is alleviated with delicious bone broth, mostly from a cow we got from a lady down the street.  Despite all the tiredness I did do some digging on other than news stuff online.  Got dirt under my fingernails and everything.

Once I finish up removing that system, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to start setting up the beds and loading them with organic material in preparation for planting.  One thing I love about Cascadia is that it doesn’t require a lot to get things to grow.  We will have plenty to look out for sooner than we think.

The sun is making itself known again, and that’s always a great time to get outside and knock around the old homestead.  So I hope to keep on with that until planting time.

The garden will be simple, just a few kinds of root vegetables and some greens and some broccoli, as my husband is a broccoli fan from way back.  We got most of the seed from Burpee’s, because we’ve had good yields from them in the past.  I am looking forward to this, especially as it looks like we might have unusually pretty weather this spring.

Anyhow, enough about that.  After the garden, goats and sheep and ducks, oh my!


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