Post a Pic Tuesday– More gardening!

De-fenceless junipers.

De-fenceless junipers.

We went out and started taking down a fence so the junipers on the other side of it could be mowed down with a mighty chainsaw.  The fairy stroller is one of the many party favors my toddler is known to get down with.

We also dug up enough to go ahead and set up the raised beds Real Soon Now.We’ll also have a tater patch next to some salmonberries.  Should be interesting!

Veggie Plot

Veggie Plot of the Future.

Sprinkler wuz here.

Sprinkler wuz here.  Toddler is here.

Yes, that is a sliver of my oldest child, as always pretty in pink.  The weather has been so great lately, we’ve all been going out more.  It bodes well for planting next month.


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