Post a Pic Tuesday– Rhubarb Surprise

Alas, I have no recipes handy, just the plant itself.

That there is some rhubarb.

That there is some rhubarb.

The previous owners tried to take it down, but a big old rhizome remained above ground and despite twelve whole months alone in the cold and wet, there was enough life in the old rhubarb to come roaring back, as you can see.  Pretty cool!  Much cooler than when bamboo does that! (I hate bamboo in the yard, it is super uncool and bamboo shoots are just not delicious enough to make up for the rapid growth and headache, as those rhizomes can kick it for up to 18 months).

I have been tweeting around a bit, but otherwise the household’s been far too sick for me to find blogging time, or gardening time.  So the pace will slow on all that.  This is already a year of challenges.  But we get to meet them with RHUBARB!

I cannot take the credit though, it was my lovely husband who noticed the rhubarb had started coming in while taking our oldest sweet child around and about the place.  He was thrilled, I was thrilled and now here we are.

This has been post a pic Tuesday.


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