A Trip to the Feed Store is just Ducky

So today we went down to one of the local feed stores to get ducklings.  It’s family run, less than five miles down the road, and it’s kind of like a PowerPuff Girls live action movie. Very chipper, confident young ladies running the place.  A knowledgeable and very professional girl who looked about ten or twelve was manning the chick zone.  She certainly knew her poultry breeds and how to handle the babies just fine.

If you live rural, you know that the feed stores generally put out baby poultry around this time of year.  The feed store had baby chicks, ducks, turkeys and geese.  All were in nice setups with plenty of light, starter, water and room to scamper around.  There was even a very sleepy duckling who had just hatched earlier this morning.  Anyway that was the chick zone.  Other times of the year other stuff is in there, but right now it’s all chicks, all the time.

First we got all the duck supplies– heat lamp, feeder/waterer, starter ration– and then we got the ducks.  Three Khaki Campbells and two Cayugas.  WP_20130511_005

And here they are!  The Cayugas are the black ones.

Probably once I find the receipt I will do a boring post about costs, but that’s for another day.  Time to go party with baby ducks!


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Feed Store is just Ducky

  1. Cayugas have tremendous personalities. They’ve been my favorite of what we’ve raised so far. I’ve never raised Khaki Campbells, but I hear they are wonderful.

  2. We just moved to Snohomish recently and have been trying to figure out where to get ducklings. Can you help? Thank you!! -Janet

    Mrs. Johnson: The Snohomish Co-op has ducklings in the spring, usually around April/May. This time of year, most people don’t have ducks on craigslist, but they start showing up around March, so a little earlier if you want to go that route. Hope this helps!

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