They say Swede Heaven is a Place on Earth

Before I go any further, the ducks are about a week old today, quite large, and expertly dodge any attempts to take pictures of them.  They are doing fabulously, eating hearty and partying duck-style all day long.

Now, on to other livestock business.  This past weekend we hustled ourselves down to Swede Heaven to look at some ruminants of note.  The ruminants in question were lovely, lovely sheep, well kept and tended by a most amiable shepherdess.  The stock was quite good and if all goes well, I shall have further news and even pictures in late summer.  I really appreciate good husbandry when I see it, as it was not a component of my farm life as a teenager in the wilds of Texas.  We only took one of our girls, who rewarded tired parents with a nap the whole time, saving me the carrying around and about whilst looking over the flock.

It was cool, it was groovy, we even got a nifty wool item as a bagatelle.  The homestead was a wonderful island of cultivation amidst very deep, very dark woods and wilderness.

This is a bit of a quickie, it’s been sitting in the hopper for some days now and I think I will just set it free.


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