Duck Tales: Two Weeks Old

(From last Saturday)

So the ducks are two weeks old and pretty massive.  One of the Cayugas got a sprain and we call that one “Limpy”.  The other Cayuga, who’s the biggest of all the ducks, my husband calls “Mother”.  And I just call the three Khaki Campbells collectively “The girls”.  So that’s as far as we’ve done on giving them names.  Ducklings have kinda weak legs, being waterfowl, and the occasional sprain for brooder ducklings is not uncommon.  Limpy’s barely got a limp at this point and will probably stop limping entirely around three weeks.

The limp was basically from running away because we came to visit too frequently.  We reduced the visits down to watering 4x/day and checking/adding feed to the feeder and they’ve all become noticeably more mellow and Limpy’s had time to sit around with the flock relaxing and recovering.  We’ve also stepped up the deep litter, raising the walls of the brooder pen and adding a couple inches of woodchips.  The deep litter is ultra soggy on the bottom, but dry on top.  Physics, what a wonder!

Photos probably later in the week, we humans have been battling a viral infection.


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