“We are $3000 in the hole already and I don’t want to make it $3020”

A quote from my lovely husband regarding our homesteading expenses to date.  He was speaking of the potential expense in getting a panel of some kind to secure the main gate to our barn, as the barn is set up for horses and the horse gate leaves room for coyotes to easily slink through.


This was his solution. Redneck engineering ftw!

The gate is an abandoned leftover from the old landscaping.  It’s secured, we rammed it like a 30lb coyote might if hungry and it held up.  Cost=$0.


A closer view. It’ll do.


The stuff outside is the old straw that was in the barn.  We tossed it out and it’s been breaking down over the last few months.  That pile was 3x as high when we mucked out originally.

As to where the 3k figure came from, that is for another day, whenever I can get the free time for those boring posts about homestead cost accounting.  Running numbers is way more time consuming than tossing up a few pictures, even with captions and commentary.


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