Duck Tales: Limpy Postmortem

We had to put Limpy down.  There was a congenital birth defect in both legs, so even our splinting efforts were meaningless.  Now we have four ducks remaining, and they are in robust good health.  We moved them out to a real pen this weekend, including a small swimming container, and they are incredibly happy to have drinking water plus swimming water.


That strip of carpet is in fact rain-proof. The ducks are loving the grass and the insects to be found in the grass. They are already foraging enough to offset feed.


Four girls, it turns out. I eagerly await the eggs in late summer! The blue plastic tub is where they swim and they get anything more out of the gallon waterer.

The girls have a bigger 5 gallon waterer, but it sprung a leak and we’ll have to fix it or get another this week.

The potatoes are ready for hilling up soon.  So that’s also pretty cool.  And in other news, some neighbors graced us with a playset their kids had outgrown.  Our eldest is in toddler heaven.



And it’s blurry, but salmonberries are already ripening.  Delicious!


One thought on “Duck Tales: Limpy Postmortem

  1. We have one duck so far. She’s very amusing to watch, especially during rain. Every other animal runs for the barn, she waddles out to enjoy the shower, wagging her tail and flapping her wings.

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