The best laid plans gang aft agley

We started this year with a pretty clear idea of what we wanted to do– clear and plant a big garden of vegetables we normally eat, get ducks and either of goats/sheep in spring and have eggs and meat animals by summer.

We missed the planting window for everything but potatoes and will have to try again in the fall with a few things that can handle a fall planting.  And clearing we’ll have to do again, because it was a bumper summer and we didn’t get around to buying grazing animals until the grass was, well, as high as my 6ft+ husband’s eyes.  So the garden will be a big end of summer challenge and we’ll have a much more limited selection to eat fresh and preserve.

As for the animals, we are getting about half as many as we originally planned and they will not all be in until waaaay too late to put much of a dent in our acres of pasture and bramble.  Although the 3 goats are working very hard to do what they can before they have to be switched to hay, we are only getting a couple of (pregnant) sheep to join them in late summer (so still weeks away).  And as for ducks, well, we bought 5, we are down to 4 in excellent health, and if they are all girls, we won’t see eggs until mid-August at best, which is not many months of eggs if we don’t try to extend the laying window through winter.

This is pretty par for a first-timer course.


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