Tibby lost and found, remembering our barn cat

Tibby was a semi-feral cat we moved out here with.  She really thrived as an outdoor cat instead of a moderately unhappy suburban indoor cat, despite her thin fur and small size.  She acquitted herself well in fights with the neighbor cats and was a great mouser, single handedly showing the field mice and rats who was boss.  She wasn’t the loviest or doviest of cats but she liked us well enough and was happy to enjoy some supplemental cat food alongside the birds and vermin she caught.

Anyway, she had stopped coming by the back door for over a week and we wondered what had happened with her.  Well, we found out when we took a weekend stroll into the woods behind the house to pick berries.  It was unexpected.  She met a larger predator than any neighbor cats on one of the paths and couldn’t get away in time.  I really didn’t expect that.  The children are too young to know what they saw (some small bits of fur), so there’s that at least.

I’ll always remember Tibby sitting out in the pasture, waiting to kill a bird or a mouse.  This is a picture of her doing that I took through one of the windows, so sadly it is kind of blurry.


Tibby was a decent barn cat and had some really happy months out here, so at least we were able to give her that.


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