Homesteading Diary, Monday September 16

Husband and I: both tired, both kind of in a bit of excitability about which direction to take with our tiny flock that works with our family situation.

Goats: They hate the rain and I figured out why they love the juniper.  It concentrates copper and some other minerals in this type of acidic soil and basically serves as a natural mineral supplement.  Pretty handy husbandry tip!

Sheep:  Three look hefty and one looks a little thin, but the thin one was the breeder favorite for conformation and fleece production.  They’ve been here a week or so and seem to be doing ok.  Relaxed, and the skinny one started coming up to me today.

Ducks: TWO EGGS IN ONE DAY FINALLY.  They are making it happen!  It’s just not an instant leap into an egg a day per duck as we kind of hoped.  Well, learning curves can be steep.

Kids: Chicken pox.  Sucks.  That is all.


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