Sick goat blues

Little Taco, the prettiest and tamest of our three goats marked for death was immensely foolish and ate rhododendron on Friday.  It was pretty awkward seeing a sick, soggy goat vomiting green and red.  We totally thought he would die at first glance.  Then after looking up poisoning, I gave Taco oil and warm tea with some goat minerals mixed in, which was essentially what was listed as “antidotes” when I googled about it.  Even the veterinary recommendation was basically oil+mineral salts+water.

So when it comes to rhododendron poisoning, it appears that you let the animal purge as much as they can, replenish electrolytes and coat their stomachs and then go to bed and hope they survive long enough to get some high-calorie treats the next day.  Taco totally survived that long and in the morning we locked him in the barn with the hay and a few alfalfa pellets and a bucket of clean water so he could get some food without being hassled by the other goats.

The other goats avoided him on Friday as he kept crawling off to a thicket of juniper branches to be miserable (he also thought he was going to die, thus the running off to somewhere hard to get at).  Then on Saturday when he was feeling better, they bullied him because he is now officially “the weak one” and goats are not real nice about that kind of thing in a herd.  So we locked him up for his own safety and health.  Now as I write this it’s Tuesday and he is back with the herd, not getting shoved around too much and looking like his old delicious self again.

We talk much less loudly now in front of the goats about how good it will be to eat them.  Don’t want the others getting ideas.



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