Duck Tales, egg update

We now get 2 eggs a day most days out of 3 Khaki Campbells and 1 Cayuga.  Sometimes one of the eggs is a double-yolk.  Twice, about four weeks apart, we’ve had a paperthin-shelled egg, perfectly formed as an egg, but with a shell of leathery thinness.  We didn’t eat either of those.

 I thought it was a bad-pass from one of the Khakis and that between the 3 of them they aren’t laying daily, but maybe it’s early efforts from the Cayuga.  Hard to say.

The ducks just continue to make nests in the grass of their run as we move it around the yard, except for most of the double yolks and those two paper thin eggs.  Those get laid in the mud by the water.  And the ducks continue to not damage their own eggs, even the very fragile misstep ones.

 I got a cool tip on how to figure out who’s laying (it involves food coloring!), but I am not sure I want to narrow the field just yet, since this is the time of year laying slows down anyhow.  I’ll likely give all four another month, and maybe just not worry about it until spring.  We’ll see how late fall and winter laying goes, especially once we have to bring them into the barn.


3 thoughts on “Duck Tales, egg update

    • Yes, their eggs are eaten, they are about half of all poultry eggs consumed in the UK and they are increasing in popularity in the States these days. They are denser/more caloric than chicken eggs (being 75% or so yolk rather than the 50% that chicken eggs are of yolk and egg white) and many people find they don’t have an allergy to duck eggs.

      Also, even if you buy commercial duck eggs, they cannot be packed into quite as high a density as chickens for egg production, so they maintain a lot of free range qualities in their eggs even if they are mostly barn-raised.

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