Treats and newbie shepherding

Since I want handling the sheep to go more smoothly this weekend (earliest we can finish up hoof trimming), I’ve been going out twice a day and offering alfalfa pellets, letting the sheep (when they could push the goats aside) eat from the bucket and also scattering the pellets near me.

It’s been a few days, the sheep now come near to me with curiosity, although sudden movements when the goats mob me still make them scamper off.  But they return, which is new.  The plan is to offer treats twice a day for a few weeks, then go to once a day and then just offer a small treat daily.  Within reason (because of potential pregnancy), we’ll be probably overhandling the sheep as the winter wears on.  It’s better to err on the side of turning them into pets right now if they warm that rapidly because we don’t have a lot of sheep and it will be a long time before we have to consider being more impersonal with a flock even if things go well and we have many lamb blessings.  



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