My first hoof trimming

To get the last three sheep trimmed, we put the treat pellets down inside the barn stall and locked in whoever came to eat, which was almost all the sheep.  The two who didn’t had already been trimmed, so they just watched the others get chased around.

My husband sat the sheep up on their butts and it did go a lot easier.  I had to do the trimming, it was my first time and it went ok.  We had Bucky the ram and our black/tan yearling and the badgerfaced white older ewe.  Yes, we need to name the girls.

The badgerface desperately needed her trim, the hooves were curling ridiculously.  The other two were in need, but not great need.  

Both ewes bucked, but it was easier to manage, and I do think it’s because they are pregnant.  They look heavier lower in their bellies rather than up high like during September when we first got them.  So far I think 3 of 4 are going to show really blatantly in the next few weeks.  Our little moorit mouflon that my husband calls Goldie isn’t showing much sign of anything right now.  Our plan is to check up on everyone in two weeks and see how they look and not do further trims if their bellies continue to grow.  

Another sign that at least 3 of the 4 might be pregnant is that little Shaft has been quite aggressive in mating behavior and yet he keeps being rejected by the ewes.  I keep qualifying this because even if they are pregnant, it would be really early, since we got the rams less than a month ago, and I’m not sure how fast Icelandic sheep embiggen for their 140 days of pregnancy.  

We are going to try to hook the sheep up with a pile of rocks to help keep their hooves in shape going forward.  They are pretty responsive to treats and getting more trusting, so that is progress.  I’ll continue twice a day probably until December.  

Back to it, I guess!


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