Dead ducks.

Out of three laying ducks, two were killed by a small predator, as it crawled under our electronet but didn’t knock it over and it went through a very small gap between two cattle panels.  And it wasn’t a hungry one, since I found the corpses near the door of the run.  Necks broken I guess, very little in the way of bites.  Probably something like a possum, but could be mink or weasel.  I am not sure, I’m not familiar with predators who leave whole dead ducks lying around.  And the bites were small.

Now that my hands have gotten a chance to recover from the cold, I’m going back out and taking some better pictures of the bite marks for my husband to make his guesses when he gets home and after picture-taking, I’ll bury them in the wood chips.





6 thoughts on “Dead ducks.

    • We’re on a waiting list with a local breeder for one of their puppies next spring. So, just not quite soon enough, as it turned out.

  1. It was probably a weasel. They make a small bite in the neck of the duck or chicken and suck the blood out. They don’t eat the flesh. They leave the bodies untouched, pretty much.

    • Hmm. Only one was bitten, under the wings, but it could have still happened. The other appears to have died of fright.

  2. I have never lost a duck inside electronet. That makes me nervous. I did once lose a duck to a skunk (I think that’s what it was since I trapped it later near where the duck was found) . Looked like it sucked on the neck with several bites on the neck. But he tried to hide the body (pull it in between bales of hay). So I think he would have come back to consume it over a few days.

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