Got our goat!

Made it down to the butcher to pick up the rest of the cut and wrapped goat carcasses.  Between organs, bones, heads, and standard cuts, we got about 90lbs of meat, and we got the hides if we want to do anything with them (probably not!).

Final expenses for the goats were about 725 dollars, including their share of the hay/minerals and their share of the water bill and of course purchase cost and butchering fees.

Goat meat is hard to find, it runs about 9-10/lb by the cut when I can find any. Having said that, however, we do live down the street from a goat man with many delicious goats that party in his yard and the next time we are interested in goat meat, we will see if he will sell us a whole goat for a flat rate.  Specialization is a beautiful thing.

The sheep are doing ok, Shaft’s scur is healing.  The bunk feeder finally arrived and indeed there is less wastage.

Time to get some more hay out before total dark!



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