Year end wrap up

With the holiday season there was a lot of visiting and running around, so not much to tell.

Ducks– lost two, still have the others.  Some colds have been going around, so they will live another week or until we get over the colds (so another week).

Goats– in the freezer and they are delicious.

Sheep– the four ewes are still pregnant, the two ram lambs are settling out the hierarchy without bashing finally.  We have to get more hay though.  We committed the massive newbie mistake of not accounting for lossage/spoilage and need more hay for Feb and maybe March.  On the other hand, Icelandics are such relentless grazers that they have only increased their pregnancy consumption of hay about a third overall.  They now come up to me expecting alfalfa treats, which is progress.

Kids– happy, cheerful, the youngest loves organ meat and ate two whole goat kidneys all by herself.  The oldest likes to help water and collect our “ig” from the ducks.

We’ve learned a lot about what not to do and that we aren’t able to throw time at a lot of homesteading stuff.  Like the pioneers of old, we have limits on how much we can do by hand and where we have money instead of time, we should just do that.  It’s been a difficult year, but all to the good.  We have sheep and they rock!

Lambing should be around mid-March to late March and hopefully will be as easy as catching cute little lambs for vaccinations over a couple days and then letting them party with their mothers.

Our oldest has been surprisingly helpful for such a young child and will likely be able to take over some of the simple chores in the spring like collecting igs by herself.

I thought there’d be more, but I’m pretty exhausted so I guess that’s it for now.  Looking forward to a new year and new lessons.


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