Gonna kill the ducks this Saturday

This is kind of an accountability post.  Sometimes with animals you need to get rid of you get into a rut of feeding them and changing their water and just putting off the hassle (ducks have to be plucked, after all, and that takes a lot longer than the killing part).  We really need to take care of the ducks now and maybe right before lambing starts pick up a coop and some new laying runners or Khakis and just spend a month or two coasting on store eggs.

Little Shaft is not quite so little anymore and he’s rooing (shedding) some of his fabulous wool, but he and the rest haven’t had the seasonal wool break that is typical for the breed and is some weeks off.  As it turns out, it is possible to just grab the sheep after the wool break and rip off the wool with no shearing involved.  Some shepherds with a small flock collect much of their wool that way.  If it’s possible for us, we may try the crook out to that end with the rams, as they have yet to be sheared and even raw will probably be nice enough fleeces once we get them pulled or sheared.

The ewes are still fine, no signs of miscarriage or trouble eating.  They are powering through the hay and we opened up their paddock to more of what grass is still green.  They were glad of it.


2 thoughts on “Gonna kill the ducks this Saturday

  1. I always wait three days before eating poultry. It has a much better texture. Holderread also recommends waiting a few days. The europeans use to hang them for a couple of weeks. I’ve recently been playing with sous vide and really like to use it on duck and goose breasts.

    With a small duck you may find more feathers than meat. You might just want to harvest breast and legs. You can pluck the front of the duck and cut off the breasts. My husband likes to just skin the breasts. I much prefer the breasts with skin and the fat. I’m fine with skinning the legs and usually use a braising recipe for the legs and thighs. If you part the duck out you can still open it up and go for the liver, gizzard, and heart. Even pull out some intra abdominal fat to render.

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