Pale ewe problems

Our four ewes are all heavily pregnant, but the three dark-colored ones look a bit on the pale side with their muzzles.  As it turns out, the last few days one of the rams has been leaping onto the mineral feeder (sometimes knocking it down) and peeing on the salts within.  So the girls haven’t been getting minerals to the extent they should.

We started offering minerals with the alfalfa pellets they get and the three dark ewes ate some.  Paleness is a potential sign of copper deficiency, as is coarsening of the wool and shedding.  But the latter are also signs of advanced pregnancy for some ewes and not by themselves a bad sign.

I’m not really sure what else to do except keep offering minerals 1-2 times per day with their pellets.  The light colored ewe is fine, but then her copper needs are lower, same with the rams, their fleeces continue to look great and their faces aren’t lightening at all.

The lightening of the three dark ewes is very recent, just the last week, and we started providing minerals over the weekend.

I have no idea how to solve the peeing ram problem, I guess we’ll have to put the minerals really high up this weekend.  Which we thought we had, but we were clearly wrong.

I’m not quite as nauseous of late, so I can spend more time with the sheep than just tossing some hay in and running away before I get sick in the barn.


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