First lambs of the season today

Two little white lambs out of the grey ewe I am always fretting about.  She only has one working udder (shearing accident took out the other one), but she’s previously nursed twins with no issues.

The lambs look pretty fresh, both are standing up and didn’t look weak or wobbly and seemed to know where the milky udder was, so I am going to give them a little time right now while I take some time to wake up myself.  She ignored all the fresh dry straw we put out in favor of the soggy grass (it was pouring rain all night long), which is just so typical for sheep.

Still waiting on the other three ewes, though.  Bucky, Shaft and the other ewes are being very protective.  Not so I couldn’t get to the new mother and lambs, but definitely not their usual (lack of) flocking behavior.  Icelandics tend to have poor flocking, but our experience has been they remember how when they think the flock needs protection.

It’s a pretty special day, hopefully the lambs continue to have a good start.


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