Racing lambs are probably healthy lambs

Both lambs and their mother are now out in the main pasture and Bucky, the father, is actually showing fatherly behavior, gently nudging one of the lambs back towards mom when it tries foolishly to get milk from him.  Both lambs were able to run, and the one I thought was on the weak side climbed right over a big branch the sheep use for hoof scratching.  They both also got through the muddy entrance to the barn (yes, we put straw down, but it’s just a lost cause with all the rain we get).

So I have a little quick food ready, and will make up a bottle if need be, but they both look ok.  I haven’t tried to touch the lambs or the ewe, although before bedtime husband and I will try to catch her for a quick udder check.  She isn’t showing any signs that there’s inflammation or soreness, but if we can grab her for a quick once-over, that wouldn’t hurt.

And now I will try to not create a cause for intervention and let the lambs and ewe hang out for a couple hours and get more settled.  It’s hard to remember that going up to ogle them is also a form of needless interfering if they are getting along.

The flock is very protective and extremely gentle with the new lambs.  No sheep is butting the lambs or making the mother nervous/defensive.  It’s really interesting, I had no idea what to expect as far as flock behavior.

My only worry is the seasonal flooding the pasture gets, but I think the sheep can keep the lambs safe, as they’ve been avoiding the flooded area on their own for quite a while now.


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