Lamb weight estimates

So far it looks ok.  Our biggest (ram) lamb looks to be pushing 50lbs or so, and the rest are 35-40lbs, which is about right for this breed.  Optimally they’d all be up another five or so pounds, but that is with excellent pasture and our pasture is definitely not there yet, although there’s no signs of deficiency or inadequate forage in the sheep.  It’s just not at peak condition since we didn’t take care of it properly last year.

So if we want to slaughter as early as possible, the two oldest ram lambs should be 90lbs+ by July and the other two should be there by August.  We’re still going back and forth on it, we might just wait until September, but we’ll see how they look through the summer.

The biggest lamb is comically huge because he was greedy and with only one teat, he got a majority of the milk.  His brother started focusing on grass at about 3 weeks of age or so, which is definitely not something we want to repeat in the future, since that little guy is about 30% smaller despite being 25% larger at birth.  We’ll have to look into how to manage our one-teat ewe to equalize the milk, if that’s possible.  Thankfully she is plenty milky and has had no udder issues.

Our bottle lamb should be 18-20lbs by now, but I haven’t weighed him in almost 2 weeks, so I’ll have to take care of that by this weekend.  We’ve dropped him down to a morning and a night bottle this week and he complains mightily around this time of day (such as right now while I write this).

All the lambs are good foragers and doing well and getting quite big.  There are some nice fleeces coming in as well.  So right now things look ok.


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