The lambs’ first maintenance weekend

This past weekend we did maintenance for all the sheep, with some much-needed assistance from a local acquaintance. It was the first time for the lambs. They all got their very first vaccines and hoof trims and dose of wormer.  From the look of things, we will need to do some soil testing, as the lambs grazed in a pretty different area to the ewes and the FAMACHA checks were quite different in both groups.  We also found out Bucky has better parasite resistance than Shaft, though Shaft has clearly better fleece.  Something to keep in mind for the future.

We had a couple cases of lamb hoof scald from the lambs grazing in the running seasonal stream.  Scald is a precursor to hoof rot, but is not necessarily a sign that there is rot in the field.  We foot bathed and are doing very clean straw, even out in the muddy entrance.  We weren’t skipping straw before, we’re just doing the recommended extremely dry bedding level for scald/rot in the flock.

Anyway, since there was no limping (the scald was mild enough that it could have been missed in a larger hoof trim group), we didn’t bust out the antibiotics.  We’re really trying to keep use down to a minimum where that makes sense.

There was a plan to do more fencing, but hitting a water line derailed that and the time was instead spent fixing that problem.

The lambs had some odd growths from walking and skipping on uneven terrain, nothing bad, very likely just the normal course of things when there aren’t enough scraping rocks around.  We are working on putting some out in the field to help reduce having to trim by hand.

Nobody looked nutrient deficient, so that was nice.


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