The sheep are happy.

We put the rams in with the ewes for a little while since everyone is out of season and this is a strongly seasonal breed, so winter birth is low risk.  They are going back to their own pen this weekend though.  It gave the grass in the ram pen a chance to recover.

The ewes did start weaning, but the lambs still have a pull now and again.  It’s very gentle compared with how the local deer wean (chasing the fawns until they stop coming up).  The ewes mainly just walk away at shorter and shorter intervals.

It’s colder than we thought it would be a lot of days this summer, but this is the easy time of year with sheep.  They don’t have anything to do except grow their fleece out and get bigger in the case of the lambs.  And in the case of our sheep, take out massive amounts of bramble.  They are covered in blackberry switches, but it’s totally worth it, they are demolishing the Himalayan and native brambles that we opened up for them.  I had heard Icelandics were great with bramble, but I didn’t think they would make so much progress in such a short time.  So that’s a nice bonus.


2 thoughts on “The sheep are happy.

  1. Do your sheep wean on their own, or do you ever have to separate them? I am trying to figure this out myself with my Shetlands. Thanks.

    This is our first lambing season, so we’re just watching them and letting the ewes wean in their own time. No lamb is over 3mo old, though, so we may well have quite a while before weaning is complete. –Goody Johnson

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