A month of lambing awaits us

If our two smaller ewes Goldie and Badgerface have singles rather than later conception dates, we could see lambs this weekend, and it looks like our two big heavy ewes Grey and Black N Tan are due up mid-month.  One of the joys of having a sheep breed with a bit shorter gestation than the books/extension sites mention is that lambing always happens sooner than you were quite expecting.  Icelandics lamb in a typical range of 140-144 days, with 137 being term and 154 being late-term.

I was operating on the assumption that the two small ewes missed two 17 day cycles and would thus lamb close to the end of April or early May, but it is increasingly looking like they didn’t miss that many cycles and did get covered before mid-December.  So we’ll be starting the lambing watch this weekend, but low-key, with the big push after April 15.  So hopefully we’re done at the end of April.




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