Built a shelter for the rams that made it through the recent windstorm

Here is the nice shelter.  The rams like it.  It currently (for a few hours at least) has some hay in the feeder.  It keeps the hay dry well and we’re already seeing a lot less waste.

The wind blew it loose in the back, but that’s getting fixed up this weekend.  Cattle panels+tarp=happy rams no longer shivering in the rain and wind.

WP_20151119_002 WP_20151119_003 WP_20151119_001


One thought on “Built a shelter for the rams that made it through the recent windstorm

  1. Hi – I’m enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m new at raising Icelandic sheep, but am enjoying the learning process. I originally got sheep to use for training my herding dogs (English Shepherds) but now am considering raising more for meat and wool. I am trying to figure out how to slaughter my ram lamb and noticed on your blog that you said you first stunned your lamb and then slit its throat. I am wondering what the best way is to stun the lamb. I’m pretty nervous about doing the slaughtering and have thought about hiring somebody…..but I figure I might as well how to learn how to do it myself if possible. One other question – do you shear your lambs before slaughtering….or do you skin it so you have a pelt? I liked your blog post about rooing the sheep and will give that a try when the time is right. Thanks! Joan McClennyhttp://blueberryhillenglishshepherds.webs.com

    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 19:20:45 +0000 To: jemcclenny@hotmail.com

    Mrs. Johnson: My husband shot the second ram, and the first was knocked out with a mallet blow. Hiring someone is usually 75$ just for the visit, but I think they will do several animals if you ask. We are going to try shearing after the kill with the ram lambs we have left. In the future we’d like to try having pelts.

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