Our Icelandic Sheep updated February 2015

This page will update as our flock shifts and changes with slaughters or sales or births or deaths.  Here is our current flock.  We have four rams (two yearlings and two lambs) and seven ewes (four ewes and three ewe lambs).


Shaft, our sire for this year. Best shot I could get of him, he is on the skittish side.


Dingus (horned) and Scottie (polled, or hornless). These guys are ram lambs who are way overdue for being in the freezer, but we’ve had a lot of sick around the house, so they’re still alive and gaining weight for now.


That big guy is Bucky, our main ram, with Shaft in the background. This is all four of our males in one picture, yay!



Grey and Black N Tan, our two biggest ewes. The others are eating alfalfa pellets (aka treat) with mineral mixed in offscreen. Grey is mother to Dingus and the late lamented Wingus. Black N Tan is mother to Lisa (ewe) and Bart (slaughter ram lamb).


Azula is the blackish moorit lamb off to the side while the others eat delicious treat.


Badgerface, our most assertive ewe. She has very nice coloring and good horn structure. Mother of Dottie and Scottie.


Azula is looking right at me, wondering where some extra treat might be found.


Dottie off by herself.


Lisa has her feet in the treat bowl. All our ewes are in this shot, but Grey is in front of Dottie. Goldie is the ewe staring right at me, with her ewe lamb Azula next to her.


Another shot focusing on Lisa. She has interesting coloring.


Goldie is really nice looking, this shot shows off some of the coloration in her fleece.


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