Lambing tally 2016 by ewe mother

Shaft’s second breeding of the ewes has yielded the following lambs.  We’ve named them all.

Goldie: boy/boy both moorits (Wolverine and Cyclops)

Badgerface: boy/girl, spotted girl (Faux Cow), moorit boy (Strop Boy)

Grey: surviving girl is solid moorit and named Newt

Black N Tan: boy/girl, both dark moorits (Dark is the boy and Lovely is the girl)

Azula: boy, moorit (Pedicure)

Dottie: boy/girl, like Badgerface, a moorit boy and spotted girl (Camo is the boy and Saddleback is the girl)

Lisa: boy/boy, black badgerface (Zuko 3, very similar coloring),  and moorit (Gambit)

The fencing has been progressing and the sheep can get to almost everything within our property line.  They are pretty happy.

Also, I saw a fawn today on the other side of the fence up the mountain.


Lambing season is over, Black N Tan gave us boy/girl twins

The girl is dark blackish like Ripley (Grey’s girl) and the boy is paler, almost as light as Badgerface’s Toph.  Black N Tan lambed about 2:30pm, as we were heading out for an errand.  By the time we got back, both lambs were up and gamboling and she was passing the placenta.  It was easy, quick and that’s exactly what we want to see.


The girl is black and the boy is light brown. Black N Tan is a very devoted mother.


Our final tally for this lambing season stands at 7 live lambs, 8 births and 4/3 split on girls/boys.  It would have been 50/50 without the stillbirth.  Now we just sit back and watch them grow.